“Lamb Lamb Lamb is now a household name with us. The fresh meat is delivered on time and neatly vacuum packed for convenience. The meat is delicious, trimmed of fat and can be cooked in many ways. Try cooking Lamb Lamb Lamb in Red Red Wine and enjoy the tenderness and flavour of this meat. We'll be ordering again soon!”
Emma Cabot
Ryeford, Qld

“I was extremely impressed with the half lamb we ordered, everything was portioned perfectly and the taste and tenderness were superb. Great value, thanks.”
Johanna Karatau
Brisbane City, Qld

“Nothing better than farm grown lamb cutlets on the barbie and a couple cold ones! The meat is great, will be ordering again soon!”
David Hammond
Southbank, Brisbane, Qld

Packages Available

  • Half Lamb (11kgs)

    → 1 leg of lamb
    → 10 forequarter chops
    → 10 short loin chops
    → 2 neck chops
    → 3 lamb steaks
    → 2 lamb shanks
    → 8 spare ribs
    lastly, your choice of either
    → 1 rack of lamb OR
    → 8 lamb cutlets

  • Whole Lamb (22kgs)

    → 2 legs of lamb
    → 20 forequarter chops
    → 20 short loin chops
    → 4 neck chops
    → 6 lamb steaks
    → 4 lamb shanks
    → 16 spare ribs
    lastly, your choice of either
    → 2 racks of lamb OR
    → 16 lamb cutlets

  • Full Lamb (22kgs)

    → Perfect for a Spit

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Geof Burnett-Smith

Email: boergoat@terraweena.com
Phone: 0417 702 374
Fax: 074696 2096
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The Lamb

The Burnett-Smiths would like to introduce you to the premium meat sheep breed - the Dorper sheep. The Dorper sheep has been selected, bred and developed, in South Africa, for its hardiness, fertility and ability to produce prime lamb quickly, under harsh conditions. The Dorper is internationally recognised as the fastest growing small ruminant in the world. Whilst this breed of sheep has impressive growth attributes, its fantastic tenderness and unsurpassed eating quality is most relevant from a consumer’s point of view. The Dorpers’ infusion into Australian sheep herds has had a substantial effect on the increased demand for lamb in recent years. The primary breeding focus on this breed over the last 80 years has been for a meat sheep that is able to produce the best quality lamb, in tenderness and taste, under the harsh conditions of the South African Karoo country. Now becoming more readily available in Australia, it will assuredly lead to consumer satisfaction and strengthened demand.
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For those of you well seasoned in all things culinary, you will recognise Chevon as goat. Chevon is actually French for goat and is how goat meat is often presented on a restaurant menu. Let’s face it, it is undoubtedly a ruse to sound more appealing than would a reference merely to ‘goat’. Whatever it is called, the Burnett-Smiths have a passion for this breed and recognise its relevance on the world stage. Goat meat is, in fact, the most widely consumed red meat in the world. A largely unknown fact is that goat meat is low in fat and rated as one of the healthiest red meats on the market. We are perfectly aware that demand within most regions of Australia is limited for this meat product but we continue to make it available for those who have already acquired a preference for chevon, or for those with an adventurous palate.
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Delivery is available within Toowoomba and Brisbane.

  • A $15.00 charge is imposed for delivery within the Brisbane region
  • and $5.00 throughout the Toowoomba region.

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About Us

The Burnett Smith family believe they have achieved a reputation for producing a quality product throughout their many years of association with selecting, importing, breeding and selling elite quality animals both within Australia and internationally.

Their stud, "Terraweena" has been breeding Boer goats for twenty years and, more recently, white and black Dorper sheep have been imported for the discerning sheep breeders of Australia. Terraweena’s accomplishments have been highly acclaimed in most circles. The family takes much pleasure in announcing that they are now responding to the extremely high demand for a quality meat product by those frustrated by the diminishing quality and rising prices of our supermarket chains.

They are imposing the same stringency of standards and pursuit of quality that enabled their existing Terraweena Brand name to become internationally recognised, to their newest venture "Lamb Lamb Lamb and chevon".

"Lamb Lamb Lamb and chevon" is based on the fertile soils of the darling downs near Toowoomba and had its beginnings as a boutique supplier of quality lamb to those affiliated with the stud. Through the power of the bush telegraph, the word of this succulent supply of lamb has spread throughout Toowoomba and into Brisbane. In early 2010 the product has been labelled and formalised and has established a continuous distribution chain to its far reaching customers.

Whilst the demand for this product has been impressive to say the least the proprietors have remained true to their grass roots beliefs and are committed to providing the old fashioned ‘Farmer to the Fridge’ element that has been all but overlooked in recent years.

Recipe Ideas

For some great recipe ideas check out The Main Meal.